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Biography & Resume


Hello there! My name is Fabrizio Gramuglio, and I’m considered a pioneer in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Empathy (AE).

I currently serve as a Chief Executive Officer of “Forever Identity”, a US company dedicated to the preservation of one’s “being”.

This Digital Eternity allows using such technology not only for personal reasons but also for educational purposes. For example, there was created and successfully tested a 3D Alien, an interactive holographic project for schools, that made a process of learning fun and engaging.

Digital Eternity can bring back even historical characters like Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, and many others, giving us the possibility to interact with our favorite writers, artists, governors and to know them better through the centuries.

I also work as an Advisor for the “International Space Medicine Consortium Inc.” (US) and in “Connecting Talents Ltd “(UK) as a Technical Innovation Advisor regarding their projects involving Artificial Intelligence (AI), AE, and HCI. I also serve as their Lead Developer for the 3-D Persona project in which AI is used to generate virtual “personal assistant” for individuals serving in different roles (coaching, psychological and medical support, tutor & teacher).

I have more than 15 years experience in leading innovative projects, and my personal and management skills (someone says they are outstanding) allow me to work successfully with different organizations and projects. Considered a “true visionary” by my peers for my work involving voice-based interactions, I have expertise and experience in the realm of dialog, as well as emotional and environmental management within organizations such as Microsoft, Volvo, Würth Phoenix, and FIAT Lancia. I have also provided insight and expertise to the European Central Bank regarding the use of AI and EI as part of their non-traditional security measures.

I served for more than seven years in W3C Voice Enabling applications group and Multimodal Browsing Group supporting the specifications development, dissemination, and the exploitation plans.

I led over 50 national and international congresses, seminars and webinars, and I was interviewed by several IT magazines.

My professional interests lie in the field of AI and AE, Composite/Mixed Reality (VR, AR, MR), human-machine interaction, voice interaction, user emotional and behavioral analysis, and I’m a big fan of bio-hacking and human augmentation.

read my resume (PDF – external link)

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