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International Space Medicine Consortium

Company Description

ISMC will enhance medical knowledge and develop new technologies to enable long-duration, deep space human exploration.
ISMC will translate its space-based medical knowledge and technologies into ground-based applications for the benefit of society.

Conducting independent and joint-funded Space Medicine Research and Development Projects, generating a portfolio of intellectual property, leading to patent commercialization.

Developing a state-of-the-art interactive, multi-sensorial and emotional 3-D virtual physician for telemedicine application, psychological support and crew training during space travel.

Addressing the development and deployment of new medical solutions for current and future Low-Earth-Orbit and interplanetary missions through the utilization and integration of disruptive technologies, innovations, and concepts.

Adapting and promoting the cross-fertilization of knowledge and ideas in a two-way exchange between space industry and terrestrial sectors through spin-offs and spin-ins, resulting in improvements to terrestrial and extra-terrestrial quality-of-life.

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