We focus on the best practices and methodologies for upscaling your business

Bring your business ideas to higher level applying ExO techniques and attributes! We will support your transformation on every step with dedication and competencies.

Our top services for Consultancy

pragmatical innovation
Pragmatical Innovation

focuses on improving current products/services through process analysis, data-guided decisions and improvements#

guided disruption
Guided Disruption

guides the company, step-by-step, through a critical analysis of its current position in the market to identify potential opportunities

startup advisor
Startup Advising

supports startups to create both innovative and disrupting projects fostering the growth with insights in market, technical, and organizational areas

Gamification & Engagement

elevates your users' relationship to increase loyalty and engagement, through various techniques inspired by the award-winning gamification frameworks

pitch keynotes
Pitch & Keynotes coach

your unique work, products and services need the right representation, a mix of key concepts and passion, to be understood by your interlocutor, customer, investor

Our top services for Marketing & Community

marketing strategy for startups
Marketing Strategy for Startups

focuses on a long-term plan for achieving your business goals by analyzing and understanding the needs of customers

community and crowd
Community & Crowd

designes strategies for turning your customers and crowd into your Community by leveraging ideation and open innovation

translation and localization
Translation & Localization

best practices for avoiding linguistic mistakes when you extend your business and reach clients worldwide

online events organization
Online Events Organization

our bespoke standard for online events. Stand out from the crowd by organizing digital webinars, forums, and presentations

website creation
Website creation

quick and painless ideation and creation of websites for your amazing business ideas