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3d tutor


3d tutor

What happens if you ask your students to co-create their own studying materials

And what will happen if there would be an Alien to ask for it?

Can the level of engagement in children the measure for successful learning

Starting from this idea we asked different classrooms, a total of 6 (150 students) <classes in the first test panel in Italy (Milan) & Switzerland (Lugano), to participate in an epochal “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” with an Alien tutor. In the next stage, we’ll involve 35 classes in Italy & Switzerland for a total of around 800 students.

Starting with that meeting students helped the Alien to integrate itself on the Earth teaching him how to disguise, the value of the emotions, their language & sharing knowledge In return the Alien taught them about the Space.

Children acted as recommenders, as they are asked to prepare the lessons: decide & select the material to teach & the way it is presented to the 3D Alien to make sure it will have a successful learning experience.

The 3D Tutor is based on Human-like Interaction (HLI) able to use gestures, postures, and expressions. A 3D real-time character equipped with AI & Empathy to choose the right question/topic & to recognize users’ emotional state & engagement. Then, the content is tailored around both the conditions of the student and the particular device used.

The students were so proud and involved to ask teachers to find a way to tell their family their experience as scientist consultants and Alien’s teachers

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